Company leave

Attention: from July 16, 2022 - 31.07.2022 we take company leave. Orders are still possible and will be delivered from 01.08.2022. Sunny greetings from the lawn woodpecker team :-)

Make a level exchange with our aerator

Due to the conical shape of the hollow poons, the cores are collected in the drip tray. This prevents falling back of the earth into the holes and saves the annoying collapsing.

To the aerifier lawn

The Level Rake - straightening of surfaces

The so-called topdressing is a spell for the lawn. With our sand suction you can easily work. Holes are balanced and the surface is straightened.

To the sand suction

Deep loosers with long solid posters

Deep compensation? Can be solved with our lawn claw. So that water air and nutrients get back into the deeper layers and the floor responds.

Our lawn claw


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