Secret of success

The success secrecy of the grasspech

On the market there is a wide selection of cheap aerifiers who should optimally ventilate your lawn. Nevertheless, gardening professionals swear on the lawn lawn, since with him the aerification no more bone work is more. Why is the lawn patient special?

The device


A variety of favorable aerifiers works with full spoons, a kind of thick nails. While this is cost-effective, the earth only displaces. The result achieved is therefore only deficient. The lawn tech offers a decisive advantage: the aerifier stands out the holes with the help of hollow spoons out of the grass. If you only displace the earth, you must first spend a lot more power to sink the aerator in the ground at all. In addition, the soil soil is now less permeable to rainwater, so that the problem with the busts can not be solved. This is different with the lawn. Through the outlined holes and the removed excavation, the floor density is reduced, the water flows better and the wet is eliminated. At the spoons, great forces act, which in favorable aerifiers already causes them to bend or cancel at the holder. For cheap aerifiers, the spoons are easily welded. Due to the heat, this leads to a slight deformation of the spoon. Due to the deformation and the welds, the excavation remains faster in the spoon. Therefore, the spoons of the grass nip through a high-quality metal processing method, the so-called beading, are inextricably connected to the holding plate.


Although there are other products that cut holes with the help of hollow spoons, but the excavation remains often in the pipes. In the lawn lawn, the optimal design for the spoons was worked out in a long-standing development process: the conical shape. This means that your spoons are minimally thinner down. Thus, the holes that chap the spoons are not completely cylindrical, but are slightly wider upwards. Therefore, the excavation does not jamble in the spoon, but falls loose up and lands in the drip tray.


The aerator consists of many different materials that guarantee optimal terms of use. The drip tray was poured out of rubber and is not only almost indestructible, but also protects your shin legs from blue spots when you should slip out and to meet you. The spoons were made of stainless steel to rust in the damp soil. Since you can not harden stainless steel, cutting rings made of hardened special steel are attached to the tips of the spoons. Due to the special curing they are extremely resistant. Thus, your aerifier is damaged or dull neither by poor weather, nor hard surfaces such as stones. The stalk is made of powder-coated aluminum and therefore do not rust. This makes the lawn fan very easily. He is therefore easy to handle, so he can be carried effortlessly and can be used.


For the aerification two different spoons were developed: 16 and 20 millimeters in diameter. So you can determine yourself how big the holes will be in your lawn and maintain them according to individual needs. The plate with the spoons can be quickly and easily unscrewed from the backbone and replace it by a plate with other spoons. So you can always upgrade your already purchased lawn tech with another set of spoons.

In addition, you can purchase a plate with a single spoon (Ø 24 millimeters) - the pipe. Hereby you can effectively cut out weeds with the lawn lawn and soak.

The drip tray

While the use of other aerfizers the excavation usually remains on the lawn, the lawnspecht saves you the annoying work of collecting. With the help of the drip tray, the resulting Erdaushübe caught directly And do not have to be collected independently.


The quality

In the lawn tech, you can be sure to keep a German quality product in your hands. The aerifier was developed by lawn lovers and completely in Germany handicraft Built. Thus, the aerifier for German quality stands.