Operation manual - Lawnclaw

How does the Lawnclaw work?

The goal of deep loosening is to stimulate root growth by optimising water and air permeability.

The Lawnclaw is pierced into the ground and before lifting it out you pull the handle at an angle of about 5-15° from yourself to loosen the soil as well.

For deep loosening, between 60 - 100 holes per m² should be pierced. Our Lawnclaw has 5 spikes, so you would have to pierce 12 - 20 times per m². We recommend the grass claw for a lawn area up to 200 m².

Subsequent sanding is not necessary. No soil is removed by the spikes; the holes are kept open so that water and air can get to the roots.




When should deep loosening be performed?

The measure is optimal for lawn care in winter. We recommend only carrying out the deep loosening when the lawn won't be walked on as often afterwards, because lifting the soil with the crushing angle should first cause the lawn to root down, otherwise unevenness will occur. The subsequent frost breaks up the deeper layers once again.


Deep loosening is also advisable in midsummer with prolonged heat. If the soil is hydrophobic and can no longer absorb water, the soil is broken up with the help of deep loosening and can then absorb water again.


Attaching the spikes

The spikes are screwed into the provided threaded holes and tightly tightened with the enclosed key,



Care instructions

Base frame

Depending on the version, the base frame is made of steel and then high-strength powder-coated or completely made of stainless steel.

Both variants can be cleaned with a damp cloth or hosed down with a garden hose.



The thread requires special care to ensure the quick and easy assembly and disassembly of accessories; we recommend using ceramic paste. It allows the application of the correct torque by excluding influences which affect thread irregularities.

Simply insert a small amount of ceramic paste into the thread of the garden claw.

The matching ceramic paste is available in our online shop.



We recommend removing the attachments for the garden claw after work to avoid the threads getting stuck.