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Lawnclaw - Deep loosener with 5 spikes

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The goal of the depth varnish is to stimulate root growth by optimizing water and air permeability.

How does the Lawnclaw work?

The lawn claw is embedded in the ground and in front of the insertion is pulled the stalk at an angle of about 5-15 ° to loosen the ground in addition.

Deep loosening should be ripped between 60 - 100 holes per m². Our lawn claw has 5 full spoons, so you would have to pierce 12 - 20 times per m². We recommend the lawn claw for a lawn to 200 m².

A subsequent sand is not necessary. It is not taken out by the full spoons, the holes are kept open with water and air can reach the roots.

When should the depth relief be done?

The measure is optimal for lawn maintenance in winter. We recommend performing the depth blocking only when the lawn will not be entered so often, because by lifting the ground with the crushing angle, the lawn should only root down otherwise it comes to unevenness. In most regions, November or December is therefore useful. There is usually no snow and the subsequent frost breaks up the deeper layers again.


- The lawn claw is 100% stainless steel

- The spoons are screwed directly in the frame

- We offer 2 stew lengths to ensure a back-saving work:

  • Normal stalk (86cm without spoons): for persons up to 1.80m body size
  • Long stalk (95cm without spoons): for persons from 1.80m body size

- Fullspoons:

o Material: stainless steel or powder coated steel in green, orange or anthracite

o 22 cm long (rich 20 cm in the floor)

O 12 mm diameter

o Elongated tip for easy piercing