Our Vision

We build lawn equipment for a whole life, and not just for one season. Who hasn’t had this problem? Some garden tools bend the first time you use them, don't live up to their promises or are unusable after just a short time. We're changing that. With a high quality, we ensure that our garden helpers can give you pleasure for a long time.

For us, this starts with the selection of materials, where we pay attention to buying regionally and sustainably, because strengthening companies in the region and creating jobs is important to us. We have continuously improved the construction of the aerator over the years and have constantly adapted it according to our own experience or customer requirements.

The production of the blanks is carried out on CNC processing machines, which ensure a high accuracy of fit of the parts. Here we rely exclusively on machining. Each part is welded and assembled by experts, so we produce a robust tool and any errors are immediately noticeable. In this way, we can ensure consistent quality.

We always try to make the accessories and spare parts suitable for all models, because we do not change the design at the important points. This is how we guarantee a long-lasting product. And if something is wrong, we offer excellent customer service.

We are skilled in the areas of welding, CNC turning and CNC milling. For welding machines, we rely on the companies Lorch and Rehm, and so we guarantee robust welds. We weld by hand and with a welding robot. The precision parts are machined; here we rely on the machines of the traditional german brand DMG Mori.

The products

Our first product was the Lawnpecker. A soil exchange can be carried out by aerating with hollow tines in order, among other things, to achieve better drainage. Our hollow tines are elaborately manufactured so that the cores (the earth excavation) doesn't get stuck and aerating is easy by hand.

We offer differerent hollow tines for different applications. Ergonomics is very important to us, that's why we also make the right device for big lawn lovers: the Lawnpecker is available with a longer stem, for people from a height of about 180 cm. 

Our Lawnclaw provides more air and water in deeper layers in winter as a final care measure. The deep loosening stimulates root growth and helps the lawn to get a good start into the next season.