Our products

Our claim: We build garden tools for a whole life and not only for a season.

Who does not know that? Some garden tools already bend in the first use, do not hold what they promise or are already unusable after a short time.

That's what we change. Through a high quality we ensure that our garden helpers are happy for a long time. It starts for us in the selection of materials, here we pay attention to regional and sustainably to strengthen companies in the region and to create jobs is important to us. We have steadily improved the construction of the Aerifier over the years and steadily adapted to our own experiences or customer requirements. The production of the raw parts takes place on CNC machining machines, which provide high accuracy of fit of the parts. Here we set exclusively on machining. Each part is welded by hand and mounted, thus we manufacture a robust tool and any errors are immediately. So we can ensure consistent quality.

The accessories and the spare parts are always suitable for all models because we do not change the construction at the important points. So we guarantee a durable product. And should not be something in order, then we offer an excellent customer service.

The products

Our first product is the lawnspecht. Through the aerifying with hollow poons, a land exchange can be made by u.a. to achieve a better drainage. Our spoons are elaborately manufactured so that the cores (the earth's stroke) are not stuck and the aerification is easy to handle. We offer different spoons for different applications. Ergonomics is a great concern for us, so we also make the right device for large lawn friends: the lawnspecht is available with a longer stalk, for persons from a height of about 180 cm.

The sand suction facilitates the seats after aerification. The sand suction can not only close the holes, but also balances unevenness and is suitable for a regular top dressing.

Our lawn claw in winter as a final care measure for more air and water in deeper layers. The depth relief stimulates the root growth and helps the lawn well to start the next season.

The care set ensures that your new favorite tool will last long and winter well after use.